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The current undeniable trend in the business word is to move from physical hardware and avoid all the costs associated with purchasing, replacing, repairing, maintaining and cooling.

Virtualization offers numerous advantages that render physical systems outdated.

Those advantages include:

  • Cutting costs associated with acquiring hardware
  • Cutting costs associated with maintaining, cooling and repairing hardware
  • Flexibility in platform utilization
  • Ability to perform disaster recovery quickly and easily
  • Secure, cost effective and limitless backup
  • Ability to utilize unlimited software capacity of the public cloud
  • Ubiquitous computing and availability on any platform

Cloud computing comes in many forms:

  • Private cloud: Creates an internal pool of software that can be access from any machine within the organization
  • Public cloud: Ability to utilize cloud based technologies and virtually unlimited capacities
  • Hybrid cloud: Leverages both private and public clouds to suit any demand

Each approach has its benefits and implications, contact us today to find out more about which method will be the most beneficial to your organization.

Contact us today to find out what solutions will work for you the best. – 416 996 3223

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